SGN: MBS Edition


Credit: NBC

John Cena visits child with Stage 4 cancer.

Lauren Coyne, Staff Writer

A global pandemic was a foreign idea months ago, but now it’s a reality. Even though times are trying and people have turned their lives upside down, some people can’t help but brighten people’s days.

Celebrities have shown they’re normal people too.  John Cena brought one of his biggest fans to tears. The WWE wrestler showed up in gloves and a mask to surprise 7-year old David Castle who is fighting his way through Stage IV cancer. Shakira donated 1000’s of N95 masks and ventilators to Venezuela. Beyoncé partnered with Jack Dorsey to provide 6 million dollars in funding to organizations that will help people cope with the changes that come with quarantine.

Celebrities everywhere are stepping up to bring a little happiness, but you don’t need to be a celebrity to make a difference. The heroes are the healthcare workers who are staying away from their families and putting themselves in harm’s way to protect everyone. Thankfully, people everywhere have acknowledged and appreciated their sacrifice. In New York, the epicenter of the pandemic, locals cheer the frontline workers every night at 7 pm with applause and praise from windows in buildings near hospitals. 

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