Spring Spirit Week 2021

Alexis Algazy, Staff Writer

The past year has changed many traditions at Morristown-Beard School, one being spirit week. In a typical school year, there is one spirit week in the fall, which includes Junior-Senior Games. Due to COVID-19, the Junior-Senior Games were postponed to the last week of April.

While this change impacted a few of the activities and took place during a very busy time of the year, Senior Class President Tim Schietroma ’21 said, “after the year we’ve had, any opportunity to come together as a community means so much more, and I’m grateful that we could do so before the seniors left.”

The 2021 Spirit Week plan consisted of the following themes: jersey day on Monday, beach day on Wednesday, mismatch day on Thursday, and Crimson day on Friday. Tuesday was an asynchronous day so there was no specific wardrobe theme. The postponed Junior-Senior Games consisted of some potentially new traditions due to health and safety restrictions. This year, the games were intended to include volleyball, dodgeball, and penalty kicks. However, due to end-of-year conflicts, the seniors were unable to attend the volleyball game, and dodgeball was canceled because of the weather (extreme wind). The junior class took home the win for the one and only event: penalty kicks. Charlie Shepard ‘22 said, “it was fun to do something with the seniors before they left school, but I wish we would have gotten the chance to do more.”

After the year we’ve had, any opportunity to come together as a community means so much more.

— Tim Schietroma

While this spirit week may not have gone as planned, a majority of the school dressed up for each theme and still showed their school spirit throughout the week. Junior Class President Rafael Cruz ’22 said “[we] learned a lot about planning ahead. Next year we’re going to be more aware of everything else that is going on and plan accordingly to have the best spirit week.” Considering the circumstances of this rather unconventional school year, the ability to hold a spirit week at all is something to be grateful for and proud of.