MBS Alumni Honor 50th Anniversary Merging


Emily Freelund

Gifted by Morristown Beard School Alumni in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Morristown School merging with the Beard School, the street clock sits adjacent to the Class of 2020 Quad.

Olivia Mann, Photography Editor

There have been many questions posed regarding the clock in the quad: Who decided to put it there? Was it donated? Why did the school want a clock on the quad? These questions have been lingering in the back of many students’ minds since it arrived this past fall. 

According to Monya Taylor Davis, Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Morristown Beard School graduate, Morristown Beard School alumni decided to donate the street clock as an anniversary gift to the school marking the 50th year since the Morristown School merged with the Beard School. The alumni chose a street clock as their gift to show a measure of time, and how the clock symbolizes the past, present and future of Morristown Beard School, Davis said. 

The money for the clock was raised by the Alumni Association and involved a strategic plan prior to its placement on campus. Many practicalities such as a power source for the clock, as well as being on a central part of campus, went into consideration while finding its permanent location. The alumni who gifted the clock wanted everyone on campus to see their contribution, whether they are a student walking through the quad to get to class, or a visitor just passing through. The lack of power source throughout the quad led to the decision of where the street clock is currently placed —outside of the Math and Science Center. This allows the clock to get the power it needs, while being a newly prominent part of the school. 

Overall, the installation of the street clock, or post clock, is the result of multiple contributions. Director of Buildings and Grounds, Mark Clar, the Executive Assistant to the Director of Advancement, Cheryl Bartlett, and various members of the faculty and alumni communities helped to bring this vision to life. 

Students and staff should look at this street clock not in question, but rather as a symbol of the timeless unity between the Morristown School and Beard School. Davis said, “I hope this gift will inspire generations of future MBS alumni to reach for the ‘stars through adversity.’”