Spring Spirit Week

Alexis Algazy, News Editor

While Morristown Beard usually celebrates one spirit week in the fall, this year school spirit was extended across seasons by addition of a Spring Spirit Week, which after two years in the throes of a pandemic was positively received by the entire MBS community.

Day one of spirit week started with a blast from the past as students and faculty dressed up in the styles of their favorite decades. Many students and faculty kept it more recent with fashion from the 90s and 00s, while others brought it back to the groovy looks of the ’60s and ’70s. Popular fashion choices included: retro sunglasses, velour tracksuits, and bell-bottom jeans. The dress-up theme was not the only event taking place on campus that day. The widely anticipated Junior-Senior Games got off to an exciting start with the boy’s handball game. Seniors and juniors took a break from their decade theme outfits, instead opting to wear their respective class shirts for the game. It was a strong game for the senior class, in which they maintained their lead the entire game, with solid defense from goalie Pierson Baum ’22. Although both teams played well, the senior class won their first game of the week. 

Day two of Spring Spirit Week was asynchronous to accommodate Parent-Advisor conferences. The MBS staff, faculty, and students enjoyed the day, comfy in their pajamas, leaving them relaxed and rejuvenated. After their day off, students were ready to come back for twin day, showing up in pairs with matching shirts, pants, and hair. The main campus event on Wednesday was a show-down between the seniors and juniors in a flag football game. The juniors wore black outfits, whereas the seniors showed their grade pride by dressing in pink and white. The senior class continued their spirit by running onto the football field with flags that featured their graduating year: ’22. With outstanding plays from J’meeyah White ’22 and Camille Ferrell ’22, who both scored, and Skylar Reale ’23, the game was tied and went into overtime. In the end, Olivia McCaffery ’23, Brooke Sandler ’23, and Karine Gregorian ’23 kicked field goals that ultimately led their team to victory. 

Thursday’s theme called for students and faculty to dress up as their favorite superheroes. There were countless Batman masks and Spider-man-themed shirts. One mystery student committed to the role of Spider-Man and walked around campus in a full suit and mask. The Junior-Senior Games had their grand finale with a spirited game of volleyball. Tristen Miscia ’23, Willis Mcdonald ’23, and Ayodeji Fayemi ’23 led the team to win the first set, but the seniors came back strong, with Nick Johnson ’22 scoring the game-winning point. The Junior-Senior Games came to a close with a victory for the senior class after winning two out of the three games.

Spirit week ended with a dress-up day to honor the 2022 academic awards where students were able to celebrate the academic accomplishments of their peers.