MBS School Lunch: Something for Everyone

Sarah Marine, Staff Writer

Morristown Beard offers a selection of engaging science, english, mathematics, and language courses, but arguably the students’ favorite time of day happens from 11:10am to 12:35pm – the lunch block. 

No single meal could accommodate the taste of everyone on campus, but there are some beloved staples that are universally loved and cause students to practically spring to the cafeteria. Olivia McNamara ‘25 said, “The garlic bread is on point, and the snickerdoodle cookies are the highlight of my day.” Sophia Soloman ‘26 said, “The mac and cheese is the best, they do a nice job with it.” 

The cafeteria services the entire MBS community. Susan Kaminer, Director of Dining Services said, “The cafeteria is not only tasked with meeting students’ needs, but also the lunch for all of the faculty.” While some students may request unlimited snickerdoodles, the teachers are glad their pallets are not ignored in the dining hall, and the salad bar is constantly being restocked. In addition to staff, the kitchen has to ensure they have accommodations for allergies and other dietary restrictions. 

Despite the praise which MBS’ lunch receives, the kitchen staff is always looking for more ways to better support student nutrition. Kaminer said, “I want to see what [the students] want.” Simeon Williams ‘26 wants healthier daily options. She said, “They have good variety but [I] feel like the only other option is salad or chicken. I think it should be healthier sometimes.” 

Food waste is also a consideration when creating the weekly menus. Kaminer said that waste can sometimes be an issue, more prominent in middle school, where students are now being supervised with their choices. 

Lunch at MBS is a versatile, well-rounded, and often delicious occasion, and while beloved currently, students are excited to see it improve with their years.  Katherine Chandler ‘26 said, “Students are fortunate to have so much variety in their meals, and have so many choices to pick from if they do not like the main dish.” 

Classes rotate throughout the week, but lunch period stays the same. While lunch may not be considered the most important meal of the day, it is in the minds of teenagers, the most important part of the school day.