MBS Prayer Room

Matthew Wang, Editor-in-Chief

In April 2023 MBS Director of DEIB Mrs. Klarissa Karosen announced to the student area in an email that there is a prayer room available for students of any faith to practice. To avoid the potential misuse of the room, the room’s location is only being given to those who request it from Karosen, Mr. Tahj Valentine, or their grade dean. In order to obtain the location of the room, one must request it from Mrs. Karosen, Mr. Valentine, Associate Director of DEIB, or their grade dean. 

Over the years, there have been other announcements made about areas where students could pray, usually during the observation of Ramadan in the spring. In years past, there have been many instances where students have approached faculty about using certain rooms to pray, but this was done primarily on a case-by-case basis. About two years ago, this need for a prayer space came to the attention of administrators, and a makeshift one was made to temporarily satisfy the needs of students while a more permanent space could be created. 

Though it was largely the administrators and faculty who were the driving force behind the addition of this room, one must not overlook the role that students played in the process. Notably, with the prayer room, students who practiced different religions were asked about how they believed the room would be best designed and equipped, and their input was considered when creating the space.  Karosen heavily emphasized the importance of student voices in ventures like these.

“Student input, and student feedback is the most important part of this work. It’s not just the room; I think whenever you think about this [Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging] work, it’s continual. There’s never a moment in time when you think about inclusivity and say ‘I’m done.’”

— Klarissa Karosen (MBS Director of DEIB)