Dance Concert Takes the Stage

Emily Freelund, Staff Writer

On Friday, December 6th, students in the MBS dance program demonstrated their hard work from the past couple months in the Winter Dance Concert. Close to 100 students performed, including members of the Dance Ensemble, Advanced Dance, Intermediate Dance, Intro to Dance, and Middle School Dance. Ms. Deventer choreographed and taught all of the dances. The students learned and rehearsed the dances in their classes that are built into their schedules, and even ran dress rehearsals after school the week leading up to the performance.

The styles of the dances range from jazz to modern contemporary. The music selections match the different techniques/styles of dance, including both pop and lyrical music. This year many of the songs followed a holiday theme.

The Dance Ensemble is made up of pre-professional dancers, grades 9-12. Members of the ensemble are required to take technique classes outside of the MBS dance program. This allows them to learn and perform dances to more complex music that wouldn’t typically be heard on the radio. An example of this is the Stranger Things themed dance that was previewed at the All School Meeting on December 6th. The group also performed their annual dance to “My Only Wish” by Britney Spears, featuring an exciting and notable kick line. Three juniors in the dance ensemble, Grace Barnett, Peggy Matthews, and Lily Lindstrom, performed their first trio to the song “Holiday for Two.”

Some of the other classes also performed dances to holiday songs, which included “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson and “Marshmallow World” by Francesca Battistelli.

Other well-received performances included Mr. Jim Ruttman’s Middle School Tap Attack group of 7 middle-schoolers who made an impressive debut at the concert.