Boys Basketball Has a Growing Season

Charlie Ehrbar, Staff Writer

The Crimson went on a revenge tour in 2020.  Led by captain Caleb Moton, ‘20, and a strong junior class, the team planned on bouncing back from a disappointing record last season of 7-19.  Despite their lack of success last year, the team enjoyed success in recent years, with Head Coach Edward Franz receiving his 400th win as well as an appearance in the conference finals two years ago.  With their prior successes in mind, the Crimson were optimistic about a much better season. Justin Axelrad, ‘21, cites a “new strategy, full-court press, which will help greatly.” A full-court press is a defensive tactic in which members of the team cover their opponents throughout the court and not just near their own basket. In addition to their new strategy, Ian Imegwu, ‘22, is looking at a breakout season with fellow teammate Anthony Bernardo, ‘21, preaching, “he’s [Imegwu] a good three point shooter and has a good jump shot.”

Coach Franz also expressed excitement before the season, saying he is happy “to see the outcome of pressing full court so every game matters.”

With both a new strategy and a developing star in Imegwu, the Crimson had mixed results this season.  Their season began on December 20 with a two-point victory over Hanover Park.  They ended the season with a final record of 8-18.