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Hannah Blake

Hannah Blake, Staff Writer

Hannah, class of 2021, has been at MBS since sixth grade, (she's a lifer!). In addition to her duties afor The Crimson Sun she plays on the varsity tennis team, and is heavily involved in the art department. Her artwork was displayed last summer at a local Morristown restaurant, End of Elm, as part of a display on painting with a limited color palette. This year, Hannah is looking forward to participating in the French exchange program.

One of her favorite articles to write are within the sports section. Last year Hannah did an independent study on the role math plays in architecture and design which really opened her eyes to the beauty of mathematics.

The best piece of advice she's ever gotten is to not care about what others say about you. Hannah says, "High school should be about discovering who you are and figuring out what you like; what other people have to say about that legitimately doesn’t matter in the long run."

When Hannah was 5 she thought she'd be an astronaut because at the time she was obsessed with space and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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