MBS Boys Hockey Wins The Mennen Cup Back-to-Back


Photo: Steve Patchett

Jonas Weinmann, Staff Writer

This past winter, as is becoming a tradition, the Crimson Men’s Varsity Hockey team destroyed all of the competition in their path and had an exceptional season despite the challenges due to the pandemic. Going a stellar 6-0 in the Mennen Division, 9-1-1 in the season, and ending with an 8 game winning streak, it was the first time in the 35 year history of the Mennen Division that the Crimson had gone undefeated. In addition, the team won the Mennen Cup for back-to-back titles and made MBS winners of 11 of the last 16 Mennen Cups. 

it was the first time in the 35 year history of the Mennen Division that the Crimson had gone undefeated

According to NJ.com, the team ranked 4th overall in the state, improving from an already impressive 6th overall ranking last year. Notable personal records were also made on the team this year, as Seth Kaplan ‘21 finished with 111 career goals, Cam Fernandez ‘21 finished with 85 career goals, and Andrew Low ‘22 surpassed 75 career goals. Five Crimson players made an All-Conference team. Fernandez, Kaplan, and Luke McManus ‘21 made First-Team All-Conference, and Jake Ochab ‘22 and Noah Jones ‘22 made Second-Team All-Conference. In addition to making All-Conference, Kaplan made First-Team All-State, and McManus made Third-Team All-Non-Public. 

None of these achievements would have been possible without the leadership of head coach Scott Greene. Greene navigated the challenges of COVID-19 by encouraging a positive mindset in his players and adapting his game plan each time they faced an opponent. Many times the team had to meet virtually for practices and would often have only 15 minutes on the ice before a game. Greene made sure all of his players were ready to step up and play when others couldn’t due to contact tracing, and he created an environment in practice where bonds among teammates were strengthened. Greene said he had “the right group of kids” this year and that each athlete “[was] playing for each other” instead of just themselves. Greene’s leadership and the talented players have created a bright future for this program.