Tis the Season for Hallmark Movies

‘Tis the Season for Hallmark Movies

The season for Hallmark movies is once again upon us, a topic that might seem mundane but has sparked semi-controversial debate. In 2023, the Hallmark Channel produced 42 original movies alone – all centered around finding love during the holiday season. On the Hallmark Channel, it is more often Christmas than it isn’t. 

 “I love them, they are so comforting and you know what’s going to happen” says Rebecca Lenner ‘25. While Lenner says the movies “make good background noise” others do not feel the same. Isabelle Ratz ‘25 said, “They are all the same and so boring.” 

Why do some love Hallmark movies around the holiday season despite the predictable endings? It may not be a simple answer but it seems to lie in the familiarity that comes with the movies. The holiday season, often a time for people to gather together and do festive activities, can be a very lonely time for people who have lost loved ones or are not in romantic relationships. All of the Hallmark Channel movies are uplifting. Recognizing that the holiday season can be challenging for some, the predictability and guaranteed “happily ever afters” provide a certain level of comfort.

The movies allow an escape from reality, allowing people to immerse themselves in a cheesy narrative. While the likelihood of getting stuck at an airport on Christmas Eve and meeting your one true love, or having to road trip with an initially hated stranger only to (of course) fall in love with them, may not be very realistic, the possibility can be exciting to imagine, adding to the charm of the movies. 

Although Hallmark movies may not be for everyone, they are a crucial, and yes, predictable, part of the holiday season. Whether viewing them in a doctor’s waiting room or being forced to watch during a family movie night, the movies offer a heartwarming escape for those who seek it.

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