Liv Breads: A Local Bakery

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  • Source: Yelp

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About 3 years ago, the Township of Millburn welcomed Liv Breads, a family-owned European-café style bakery. Popular for its fresh sourdough bread and fluffy and light pastries, Liv Breads is growing quickly. In addition to the original location in Millburn, Liv Breads opened a Kiosk in The Mall at Short Hills during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The kiosk contains a full espresso bar, and offers many of the same items as the main bakery.

Liv Breads is conveniently located across the street from a municipal parking lot making it easy to access. Customers can place orders ahead through the navigable website or order with a cheerful staff member in the store. Either way, the service is quick and the food tastes fresh. The website offers bright images and thorough descriptions of every item. An estimated prep-time is provided at checkout to avoid a long wait time in the bakery. The option to purchase sandwiches through the website is a recent addition, after previously only being offered for in-person orders. The food is shown on a clear display with a description next to each item, which includes if the item is vegan or dairy-free. The wide selection of foods and drinks makes Liv Breads the perfect bakery for a large family or a picky eater.

The wide selection of foods and drinks makes Liv Breads the perfect bakery for a large family or a picky eater.”

The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff enhance the dining experience. One reviewer on Yelp suggested that the bakery is “perfect for catching up with a friend, or doing some work solo.” The Focaccia Margherita’s “Evil Sister” is a deliciously fluffy version of margherita pizza. Liv Bread’s chocolate chip cookies are made with a balance of sweet and salty that makes for the perfect dessert. There is a consistent aesthetic at Liv Breads: earthy decor and the black and white logo. The aesthetic certainly promotes a welcoming and productive environment. Unfortunately, there is no indoor dining at the Millburn location due to the pandemic. However, there are tables located outside the bakery and additional seating options throughout the town. There are tables next to the kiosk in the Mall at Short Hills, which are spread out to ensure proper social distancing. Liv Breads remained open throughout the majority of the pandemic, offering quick and safe outdoor pickup last spring.

The aesthetic certainly promotes a welcoming and productive environment.”

Because the bread and pastries are freshly baked in the cafe’s kitchen each day, many items are sold out by late afternoon. Customers must place their orders online or go to the bakery early in the day to ensure they walk out with their favorite item. The quality of the food shows in the prices. The pastries, breads, and sandwiches range from $3 to $12, while there are more expensive options such as cakes and quiches. All in all, Liv Breads is the perfect bakery to meet up with a friend, pick up a loaf of bread to keep in the house, or grab a quick snack and coffee on the way to work.