From the Editor’s Room

Aaron Morton, Co-Editor in Chief

With COVID-19 being less prominent this year compared to last, the schedule has returned to how it was in previous years. The quick change back to the “norm” allowed for many students to really feel the difference between the two schedules. This year’s schedule features five fifty-five minute classes a day as opposed to four seventy minute classes. The time between classes has also been shortened from ten minutes to five. Collaborative period was moved from the middle of the day at the end of the day which gives a thirty minute earlier dismissal. 

The new changes have also caused a bit of a stir with the student body. It’s not uncommon to see someone racing across campus – not having enough time to get to their next class. Often on game days, club meetings appear rather empty, as athletes are unable to attend meetings during the afternoon collaborative period and still make it to their away games on time. 

Lunch has also seen some changes. If you get to your after-lunch class a little early, it’s not unusual to see juniors or seniors scarfing down food in an attempt to finish before they have to get to their next class. 

Since classes meet more often, some students are struggling with managing their time effectively. You can also often hear students wishing to return to the days where they had two full days to do homework before they met with the same class again. 

With some of the nay sayers come those who prefer this year’s schedule. They claim the classes fly by when they’re only fifty minutes, and that they don’t mind having the school day end earlier either.

Ultimately, each schedule has its pros and cons, and each person you ask will give you a different answer on why either schedule is better and why. For anyone at MBS who had to deal with both schedules, it’s only a matter of time until they get used to the “normal” schedule.