Letter to the Editor: The Schedule

Hannah Everett, Staff Writer

I have the unique perspective of starting at Morristown Beard as a sophomore during the pandemic year last September. As a result, I had never experienced the so-called “normal” schedule that everyone claims we have returned to. Last year, I adjusted from the nine subject day at public school to the four subject day at MBS. There were definite cons to this schedule: classes went on for way too long, and there was a really long stretch of nothing during the lunch break; but I loved having classes every other day and the freedom of the ten minute transition between classes. Now, five minute transitions feel rushed, and I miss having a minimum of two days to finish my homework. 

Collaborative period has been moved back to the end of the day Monday through Thursday, similar to the 2019-2021 academic year. (Photo via mbs.net)

I do, however, strongly prefer the shorter class periods with an occasional extended block period to the over an hour long classes of my sophomore year. This year, the biggest shock was collab. I had never experienced a MBS collab period, and I was not expecting my classes to end at 2:35pm on the first Monday of the year. As an Upper School student with a Middle School sibling, I have a free hour while I wait for my brother to finish his day. I love this piece of the day because being on campus anyways has encouraged me to join more clubs than I otherwise would have. 

There is a drastic difference between the schedule we have this year and the one we had last year. Last year felt much slower, while this year feels like we are constantly on the go. I see pros and cons to both schedules I have experienced so far at Morristown Beard. Overall, I think I prefer the schedule this year because there is less wasted time, and I love having a collab period.