Kanye West via Twitter

West announced his tracklist in a tweet a week before its release date.

Finn Fleming, Staff Writer

Perhaps the most anticipated album of the year, Donda by Kanye West, dropped on August 29th. After multiple delays due to West hosting multiple listening parties, the hype around the album grew like wildfire. Leading up to its release, it seemed that the only thing people on all social media platforms could talk about was whether Donda was a whole album or whether Kanye “forgot” to drop it. Now that it is finally out it is clear that it was worth the wait. 

Donda is considered West’s sequel to his album, Jesus is King, released in 2019. Similar to its predecessor, Donda has a religiously oriented story. The album feels like a journey throughout West’s life and his experiences with God and religion. Through his music, listeners grasp at their own feelings of excitement, sadness, regret, and optimism that relate to a journey of their own. Donda is a window into the deeper thoughts within my consciousness. Part of the reason why the album is so special is because the songs have unforgettable beats and rhythms that flow like a river through space, along with meaningful and well-written lyrics by West himself.

As Donda is set up to be a journey throughout the life of West, it only makes sense that it is named in honor of his mother, Donda West. The album is full of references to self-awareness, mental instability, and spiritual guidance all of which West has publicly struggled with in the last few years. This adds an effect of sentimental value which grabs hold of listeners’ feelings and makes them reflect upon their own lives. 

Donda feels real and relatable as it doesn’t go on to focus on West’s  glamorous lifestyle in his beautiful mansions or private jets. The songs focus on West as a person—a person that has shared similar experiences with the listener making them want to continue to listen to songs such as “Hurricane,” “Moon,” “Jail,” and many more over and over again. 

In all, Donda is not just a religious gospel album. It is a journey through darkness and about finding the light in the dark – something all of us can relate to.

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