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Anika Buch

Anika Buch, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Anika has been a proud member of the MBS community since the sixth grade. She loves writing stories about travel because she believes that "learning from the world we live in is as important as any lesson learned in the classroom."

While at MBS, Anika has taken advantage of the Independent Study program any chance she can get. Her favorite was her Independent Study in Protein Dynamics because it kindled her passion for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Outside of her work for The Crimson Sun, Anika is President of French Club and Co-President of the Future Physicians Club. She also loves being a part of school plays, be it cast or crew. In the winter, Anika is a member of the MBS Swim team.

Anika enjoys sharing her love for MBS with prospective students as a Crimson Ambassador for admissions. In her free time, Anika likes to read, write, dance, draw, paint, cook and bake.

The best piece of advice Anika has ever been given is to "be myself." If she were a superhero, Anika says her superpower would be healing people.

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