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Ari Bersch

Ari Bersch, Editor-in-Chief, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ari Bersch is a senior at Morristown-Beard School and Editor-in-Chief of Crimson Sun.  He has been a student at the School since 2017 entering his freshman year.  As writer and editor for Crimson Sun since his freshman year, he enjoys the working on the paper where he gets to report on school and local events, allowing him develop his own writing skills.

Ari's favorite class at MBS has been AP US History in his junior year.  In addition to his work with Crimson Sun, Ari is a member of the Varsity Boys Tennis team, President of the French Club, and also an editor for the School yearbook, Salmagundi.

Ari spends his free time watching sports, analyzing statistical data, playing with his dogs, and playing tennis.  If Ari was a pasta, he would be ravioli, because he likes all of the different flavors that come with it.  Ari's favorite word is indefatigable.

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